Director of Business Development

PTS Logistic Solution was created as a European logistics company, that provides retailers with different kinds of service online. We have been working in this field for four years and we managed to do a lot: rapid expansion has been reached. Nowadays we ship cargos to 25 countries, the whole number of our parcels is more than one million per year.

Job summary


The main purpose of the Director of Business Development is to expand the capabilities of PTS Logistic. Our influence must spread worldwide. Setting up subsidiaries in foreign countries after establishing new partnerships are the most important goals. Now we are trying to use new markets in developing countries: Asia, Africa, South America. Sure these new directions will need new ways of arranging the process of delivery. And here everything depends on the Director of Business Development: if he/she arranges the work efficiently - the cost of shipping will be attractive for our customers. As long as the processes are being  arranged efficiently, relocation is not necessary.


More details


Employment type: full-time job

Is it available now?: yes, it is

Industry: Logistics

Reports to: CEO


Main duties


The Director of Business Development will be responsible for the following areas personally or he/she may delegate tasks to his/her subordinates:

  • Establishing new contracts with the partners from another countries. 
  • Making sure that demands of our international subcontractors are reasonable and appropriate for us. 
  • Creating contracts, discussing details of the cooperation with our subcontractors.
  • Setting up subsidiaries in the countries that were pre-selected and organizing work in those subsidiaries.
  • Organizing work of new headquarters’ departments that will be responsible for servicing acquired partners and newly established subsidiaries.
  • Introducing protocols, processes, and tools which are necessary for secure, uninterrupted and efficient communication with subsidiaries.
  • Managing existing partnerships both domestic and international and making them more effective. 
  • The quality of human resources need to be high to assist in all of the tasks above.

The Director of Business Development will be the head of the Business Development Department. Meanwhile he/she will also work with HR, Customer Service Teams, our Business Intelligence Units,  Financial Department and Legal Department.

How to apply?

If you are interesting in this job, please, contact us.